What If You Could Get Strong, Ripped & In The Best Shape of Your Life For LESS THAN a $1.60 a day & 4 Hours per Week?

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What is Gravfitt Academy?

Gravfitt Academy is a private, members ONLY website dedicated to showing you the simple ways to get you in the best shape of your life without spending hours on end in the gym or starving yourself…


What if there was a program out there that evolved with you month to month through your fitness journey by giving you a brand new diet and brand new training program EVERY MONTH along with advanced video tips not shared anywhere else, so your body stayed guessing and never hit a plateau?


What if you had a program where you had a private Facebook group full of members to answer your questions anytime you felt confused and helped you quickly get back on track and stay motivated 24/7?


What if every other week you could jump on a Facebook live and ask Austen anything that was confusing you about training, nutrition, supplements, or motivation?


What if new bonus content was added each and every month you couldn`t find anywhere else?


What if there was a program that was packed with beginner to advanced videos teaching you the most important exercises to reach your goals and told you EXACTLY what your form should look like?

Why is Gravfitt Academy So Special?


Let me ask you something…


Do you hit plateaus and get bored doing the same workouts month after month?


Do you feel overwhelmed and confused because you don`t know exactly what to do with your diet and training?


Do you lose motivation and find it harder and harder to stay motivated at the gym and with your diet?


Do you have a hard time maintaining your results?


Do you find yourself confused, but not sure where to find the right answers?

If you answered YES to any of those questions…. Then keep reading

Why keep spinning your wheels?

What`s the point of going to the gym and hardcore dieting, if you are just going to see little results in the short term? Gravfitt Academy is the perfect long-term solution to keep you progressing, motivated, and the key that can help you take your body to the next level…and while keeping it.


If you’re committed to your fitness, then why not take the fastest route possible to getting the body you`ve always wanted?


Gravfitt Academy is your ultimate roadmap to take your fitness to the next level! It’s where I spill ALL My secrets on how to put on muscle fast and stay lean all year round!

Here’s Just Some of Our Past Successful Clients!


Stefan Says...

“Since beginning my program, I have lost over 90 lbs, dropping from over 270lbs to 180lbs.”

“I began my journey as an extremely unhealthy and unmotivated individual. My life choices were horrible, and I realize now that I was literally killing myself with all of the unhealthy activities I would engage in. Ever since I was about 13 I had been slightly over weight, and it wasn’t until the past 5-6 year that I became morbidly obese. Initially I looked at Austen’s progression in the fitness world, and became immediately motivated to change my life, and finally lose the weight. Luckily, I had a drastic life change that allowed me to focus on my health, and really pursue my goals with all of my energy. In the first 9 months I was able to lose 90 lbs, and in the past 3 months I have been focused on gaining strength and muscle mass. I go to the gym 5 times a week, and am genuinely excited to go workout each time. So much in my life can be attributed to my weight loss, and I look forward to seeing where my journey will take me in the coming years.”


Chris Says...

What I liked most about Austen’s plan of how comprehensive it was. Austen already does the hard part – planning everything out! He came up with the workout routine and the meal plan. He worked with me to come up with my goals and supported me in achieving those goals! All I needed to bring to the table was the motivation to see results. Honestly, I was a little reluctant to select a trainer that wasn’t physically closer by to help me every step of the way, but Austen was always available to help me succeed! He’s not there one day for training and then the rest of the week is yours to figure out.

On the initial call to Austen, I was impressed with his knowledge and his willingness to help. He was already giving me guidance on the first call when I was trying to decide if this was going to work! He didn’t hold anything back. I sensed a genuine desire for me to thrive! Absolutely no hidden agendas! His positive attitude makes you want to get to the next step!

I had struggled to get to my goals on my own, but was remaining flat. It didn’t seem to matter what I did, I couldn’t get passed a certain point. What I liked most about Austen’s plan was how fluid it was. Although he would write up the plan, we would discuss it and make modifications along the way. I did seem to plateau during my training with Austen, but we made some changes to the plan was able to break through (again).


Brian Says...

I’ve had great results! I lost about 20 lbs overall and really toned up along with gaining strength. I was able transform my body and get into the shape I’ve always wanted.The individual meal plan adjusted for my needs with foods I liked made it much easier to stick to the diet. Also having Austen as a trainer pushing/motivating me was a huge help.


Here is What You Get With Your Membership…


You will be part of our private Gravfitt Academy community where you get to directly ask me questions. This is where we pack premium content that’s no where else and it’s updated reguarly.

Each month your new workout is sent directly to you in the GRAVFITT ACADEMY APP. Available both iOS and android.

Each month I provide you with a brand new gym workout AND option of an in-home workout that matches your fitness goals. All in the GRAVFITT ACADEMY APP. You get to choose from many workouts based off your goals. This is so you never walk into the gym without a specific game plan again and never hit a plateau again. These workouts are designed for you to take to the gym with you and follow along right from your phone. And if you can’t make the gym for whatever reason it’s no problem. There is an in home style fat burning and lean muscle building workout.

Each month I provide you with a brand new fat burning/ lean muscle building meal plan template to follow based on the goals you selected. You won`t have to stress about what to eat, just print your new plan each month and follow it. 

A high-end calorie/ macro calculator to show you the exact macro ratios and calories you need to follow each month. I teach you how you can adjust your diet each month to get the exact body you are looking for. No restricted diets/ cookie cutter meal plans. And no more guessing.

Bi weekly Q & A coaching calls in a LIVE Facebook group.

Video tutorials covering countless exercises so you know exactly what form to do.

Interact with countless other people you are on the same mission as you. Chat with beginners to advanced members for advice and to keep you motivated.

And many more surprise bonuses like a “flexible dieting course” and “how to look your best quickly before a big event”

Meet Your Coach

Hey I’m Austen. Founder of Gravfitt. And I’ve been coaching clients and transforming bodies for years. My simple methods have been tested and proven effective on over hundreds of guys.


I’ve been training myself for 8+ years and have seen what works and what does not. My clients include models, actors, CEO’s, and hundreds of of regular guys and girls who want to get strong, lean, and athletic.


If you want to make the fastest transformation possible than you are in the right place.

Try it out for JUST $1, and it could all be your’s for LESS THAN a $1.60 a day.

The Gravfitt 10X Pledge

We are 100% committed to your success. If you don’t believe Gravfitt Academy is worth 10X your small investment of less than $1.60 a day, you can cancel anytime and never be re-billed. In fact, you can simply login, cancel your account and never have to cancel directly with us. There’s zero risk and you’ll never get the runaround.