About Gravfitt

This isn’t your typical third person speaking “About me” page. Why? Because,  I’m different than most “Online Trainers”. I’m not here to talk about all the things I’ve accomplished. I’m here to talk to YOU and how I can help change your life positively forever.

I’m Austen Gravett owner and founder of Gravfitt. And I’m driven by my purpose and passion: That is, to gravitate you and a million others toward living a healthier lifestyle. In other words, I want to help you transform your body and life. You see, this all started when I was about 18 years old and has now become part of my lifestyle for over half a decade. Fitness literally changed my life. Growing up I was very small, frail, skinny, and lacked confidence. And to top it off, I was a huge partier and VERY cynical person. I never felt like I was fulfilled. In my senior year of high school, I started actively going to the gym with a close friend. The more and more I went the more confident I became.  And after I graduated and went to college at (Penn State University) I developed a close circle of like-minded fitness friends. Throughout college this started to become my passion, but I was unsure what I could do with it… And after graduating in the summer of 2013 I reached an all time low… All my friends went off to get jobs while I sat at home jobless. But worst of all, I was left with feeling uncertain, confused, and aimless.

Until shortly after, in the late summer of 2013 I had a sudden epiphany after watching a documentary. This allowed me to realize that I was in full control of my life story. I realized I was the dictator of my destiny, the director of my life movie, and author of my own life story…  I learned that if I focused on what matter and eliminated what didn’t than I could accomplish anything I believed in. Gravfitt LLC then manifest in May 2014.

My purpose, passion, and mission…

This was me before I found my calling (left photo) and this is me now (Right photo)


On a side note, I believe the fundamental key to happiness is giving. I want to help you and a million others, live a happier and healthier lifestyle. With that mentioned, I’ve started a movement called #Gravitateamillion. This movement was created to raise awareness for helping others and the youth live a healthier lifestyle. To help spread the word I have created wristbands with the message #Gravitateamillion. For every band purchased, I will personally donate $1 toward “The Boys and Girls Club of America”. The main reason I chose this foundation to give back to was because of their mission. I believe developing good health is one of the most vital assets in life, especially among the youth. And I believe by you supporting this movement will help raise awareness of others to live a healthier lifestyle.

The biggest thing I’ve learned in life is to listen to your purpose and to discover your passion. Purpose is the reason you embark on a journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way. Once you listen to your purpose and aligned it with your passion you then embrace the power the change anything you set your mind to.

My overall goal with this site is to provide you with highly valuable information and tips. I will cover topics like how to build lean muscle, how to lose body fat, how to exercise more effectively, how to eat better, (but with flexibility) and how to become the best version of YOU. This site is about answering YOUR questions to help YOU. Because, I want to bring the best information to you more directly. I want to pair you with workout plans, meal plans, motivation, recipes and lifestyle tips that simplify your life.

I want you to feel welcomed, fulfilled, and inspired by all the information and tools every time you enter and leave my site.

At first, this site might seem like it’s about me, and my life, but in reality it’s about YOU. It’s about helping you become the best version of yourself both physically and mentally. It’s about how I can help change YOUR life positively forever.

So thank you for visiting Gravfitt. I’m here to help gravitate and inspire YOU and a million others toward a healthier lifestyle. We’re in this together! Any questions you ever have please don’t hesitate to contact me!