What I liked most about Austen’s plan of how comprehensive it was. Austen already does the hard part – planning everything out! He came up with the workout routine and the meal plan. He worked with me to come up with my goals and supported me in achieving those goals! All I needed to bring to the table was the motivation to see results. Honestly, I was a little reluctant to select a trainer that wasn’t physically closer by to help me every step of the way, but Austen was always available to help me succeed! He’s not there one day for training and then the rest of the week is yours to figure out.

On the initial call to Austen, I was impressed with his knowledge and his willingness to help. He was already giving me guidance on the first call when I was trying to decide if this was going to work! He didn’t hold anything back. I sensed a genuine desire for me to thrive! Absolutely no hidden agendas! His positive attitude makes you want to get to the next step!

I had struggled to get to my goals on my own, but was remaining flat. It didn’t seem to matter what I did, I couldn’t get passed a certain point. What I liked most about Austen’s plan was how fluid it was. Although he would write up the plan, we would discuss it and make modifications along the way. I did seem to plateau during my training with Austen, but we made some changes to the plan was able to break through (again).


General Manager at The Compounding Center

Austen is a great coach! I can always count on him to provide me with the motivation I need to keep going and reach my fitness goals. He is always more than willing to provide me with a detailed explanation of any questions I may have. The fitness and nutrition plan Austen has provided me with are easy to understand and have provided me with outstanding results.

I chose Austen to be my personal trainer because I knew I could count on him to help me reach my goals. He listened with my expectations, created a plan for me based off of exactly what I wanted, and did not stop working with me until I achieved my goals.

Since I started training with Austen I have lost 30 lbs over the course of a few months. I continue to train with him in order to build muscle. I am now much happier and more confident with my body and have way more energy. The meal plan also plays a huge role in the process. What I like about Austen’s meal plan is that it is very customized to the type of foods you already like to eat, and isn’t the same boring thing every day. He provides a variety of foods you can choose from, and even includes a few delicious recipes. The meal plan has helped me enormously. Working with Austen as my trainer is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to make a change!



I’ve had great results! I lost about 20 lbs overall and really toned up along with gaining strength. I was able transform my body and get into the shape I’ve always wanted.

The individual meal plan adjusted for my needs with foods I liked made it much easier to stick to the diet.

Also having Austen as a trainer pushing/motivating me was a huge help.


Nuclear Engineer

I hit my goal in the first half of the 12 week program and dropped close to 10lbs! I lowered my body fat % into the single digits.

I’m looking forward to the next 5-6 weeks for the end results! I found that Gravfitt’s 12 week plan was easier than most because I was able to bounce questions off of Austen and change the diet plan to accommodate my preferences and needs.


Landscape Design

I’m very satisfied with my overall progress. Within just 4 short weeks of using Gravfitt’s program I lost 2 inches off my waist!

I’ve always found it a struggle to get into shape and eat right but after starting Gravfitt’s 12 week plan my knowledge and confidence are through the roof!



I didn’t try any other plans, just tried to cut down my eating on my own. The main difference was I was eating the wrong foods, even though I thought I was portioning my foods in a good way. Seeing results from your first few clients, and also just talking with you I felt comfortable knowing I could adjust to the plan without any problems.

I only did the meal plan and I can say I got more than what I expected. I even think I got more than what I paid for. Other meal plans cost more and only do half as much. I lost 22lbs and I didn’t change up my workout routine, so it was all diet holding me back. After the first cycle I knew I was going to see the results I wanted if I stuck with your plan.

I began to feel better, and I slowly stopped craving the bad foods I used to eat. The plan was easy, and I enjoyed every bit of it, and still don’t crave my old eating habits.



I began my journey as an extremely unhealthy and unmotivated individual. My life choices were horrible, and I realize now that I was literally killing myself with all of the unhealthy activities I would engage in. Ever since I was about 13 I had been slightly over weight, and it wasn’t until the past 5-6 year that I became morbidly obese.

Initially I looked at Austen’s progression in the fitness world, and became immediately motivated to change my life, and finally lose the weight. Luckily, I had a drastic life change that allowed me to focus on my health, and really pursue my goals with all of my energy.

In the first 9 months I was able to lose 90 lbs, and in the past 3 months I have been focused on gaining strength and muscle mass. I go to the gym 5 times a week, and am genuinely excited to go workout each time. So much in my life can be attributed to my weight loss, and I look forward to seeing where my journey will take me in the coming years.



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Emergency Management

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Make up Artist

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